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– the clothes and the closest skin in life
In today’s society, nobody of us wants to make compromises anymore.
Everybody of us wants to do and have everything. Everything at the same time,
without spending time for explanations. We want to look good, we want to feel
comfortable and we want to do well for our environment. We as a fashion brand,
believe in the power of clothes to achieve this values while giving an amazing “have
everything & have it well-balanced”-feeling to our wearer.
We understand, your skin needs comfort instead of compromises, in every single
moment of your life.
The skin is our biggest organ. It covers not just 2 square meter of our human body,
but also your entire soul, your inner you, your values, and is in permanent contact
with your clothes, your second skin. Clothes are the closest thing in life. We want
you to choose them as a soft touching friend, since a single touch is more powerful
than words. If our skin doesn’t feel comfortable, we don’t feel happy.
NOTIME2EXPLAIN wants to design clothes that connect you back with “touch and
feeling”, without any compromises on style and lifestyle. NOTIME2EXPLAIN wants to
ease your life, giving you seamless experiences, in whatever situations you are. You
feel connected to yourself, you feel good, you feel comfortable.
We are the manufacturer of your comfort. PURE COMFORT.
– an homage to urban easiness
Urban streetwear influences are combined with soft high-quality materials and a big
portion of individuality. The result is a cozy & floating garment, which convinces his
wearer not just with an attractive optic, but also with an amazing hand feel.
NOTIME2EXPLAIN suits you in every single moment of your life. The open-minded
and always-easy philosophy of the brand is reflected in our clothes. A balanced and
uncomplicated piece of textile is born out of a mixture of simple but progressive
geometric shapes, a selection of cozy and exciting materials, minimalistic and
relaxed colors and an over-all ambitious workmanship.
We stand for a metropolitan but spiritual style, an urban but never-too-loud look
and a simple but unique shape. The collection offers day-to-day pieces for men and
women which stands out thanks to carefully sourced materials and a sophisticated
workmanship. Every single piece of our highly exclusive garments is limited to a
small quantity, each representing our philosophy of individual and valuable
NOTIME2EXPLAIN doesn’t need any deeper explanation. Touch it, feel it, wear it,
live it, embrace it.
– proudly manufactured in Vietnam
Take responsibility for our environment, let your clothes be part of you and you will
life according to the balance of the feel-good-circle. Let us live in harmony with
ourselves and with the world that surrounds us.
That is the reason, why our center of creation as like as our center of sustainable
production is still in Mui Ne. Our product is designed and proudly made in Vietnam.
A team of five Vietnamese ladies fulfill our costumer’s wishes day by day. Their
sewn products are an homage to unique and fair manufacturing. This mindset is
reflected by every single thread, button or fabric used in our collection and is also
expressed in our limited amount of pieces per style. Good things take time, but
special requests and personal adjustments can be done anytime, thanks to the
honor of our flexible and short supply chain.
Our aim is to design a beautiful high-quality product which is durable and gives a
minimum of environmental and social impact on our planet as like as a maximum of
feel-good-factor to our wearer.
– good background to think forward
Our brand NOTIME2EXPLAIN started 2013 in the laid back environment of Vietnam’s
beach pearl Mui Ne. A place where you can breathe, where you can feel yourself,
where you can come down. Head and Heart of our label is the Designer Aliya
Elagina, who uses her passion for cozy and comfortable yoga-wear as like as her
broad pool of creativity coming from the straight industrial design. The team is
complemented by the Product Developer Lucas Hiersemann, who unites those
exclusive influences and brings it to a handcrafted textile product. NOTIME2EXPLAIN
strives for the perfect balance between style and comfort, creating your favorite
best-feeling garment without any compromises.
Sense instead of Explain. #NOTIME2EXPLAIN